Rebuilding the Line

Rebuilding the Teifi Valley Railway

This page shows various stages in the rebuilding of the Teifi Valley Railway. If you haven't already, take a look our page detailing the history of the railway. 

The line has been rebuilt to Pontprenshitw...

The team have rebuilt the narrow gauge line as far as Pontprenshitw. 

This was in fact the original terminus of the narrow gauge railway, originally opening in 1986 after the trackbed was bought.

Visitors can now take a short walk down underneath the railway bridge, where a gorge and waterfalls can be viewed.

Work now starts on restoring the line past Pontprenshitw, to Llandyfriog.


Onwards and upwards!

Tracklaying is ongoing and heading steadily towards Pontprenshitw. 

On the left, a slideshow of images showing volunteers working on the trackbed. Navigate through the slides by clicking the arrows beside each image.

Levelling the trackbed

A big thank you to Hefin Owen for levelling out the trackbed with his mini digger.

Weeding the pathway

Many thanks to Trish and Alex from Mencap Ceredigion for their hard work in getting the path cleared of weeds.

Getting ready for tracklaying

Our volunteers hard at work getting ready to lay the new track.